Tanzu Vanguard


I’m happy to announce that, I have a great opportunity to join to the Tanzu Vanguard vCommunity!🥳
It is a group where you can find passionates, enthusiasts, customers and practitioners of VMware Tanzu products and services. The idea of ​​this program, is to share knowledge and experience about products from the Tanzu portfolio. More feedback from many areas can make Tanzu an even better solution for creating, modernizing and developing applications.

Tanzu Vanguard program benefits:

  • Access to VMware Tanzu product and service groups
  • Exclusive invitations to our conferences and user group meetups
  • Networking with a small group of peers to get complex IT challenges solved
  • Recognition and rewards for contributions and achievements
  • Digital Tanzu Vanguard badges
  • Community-branded swag

Here, you can find more details & APPLY NOW button, good luck! 🫵 https://tanzu.vmware.com/vanguard

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Hi, I’m Mateusz Romaniuk and welcome to my blog dedicated to virtualization technology. I’m a VMware/Tanzu Administrator in T-Mobile Poland. My mainly responsibilities are to manage and develop virtual enterprise infrastructure.