Deploy TKGs cluster with Terraform on TMC (SaaS)

TKG cluster can be deployed in a many ways. You can use simple YAML file and run it from the Supervisor. You can use some automation tool like Jenkins or create Kubernetes nodes from the TMC.
Apart from that, Terraform has a dedicated Tanzu Mission Control provider (plugin) to automate many processes.

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Updating vSAN disk version in vSphere 8.0 U2

vSphere 8.0 U2 brings many improvements, fixes several problems and increases stability. After upgrading from vSphere 8.0 U1 to U2, there are some changes in vSAN as well. If vSAN cluster is running on the infrastructure, you need to rise disk version when you’re running the newest vSphere.

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vSAN 8 – expanding existing capacity pool

The challenge is easy – vSAN datastore is running out of space and need to be expanded.
The whole process is a quite obvious. If there are free disk slots in a ESXi hosts, get a new drives, install in the servers and reconfigure vSAN capacity pool from the vCenter.

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VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi)

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) – upgrade & patch

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly known as Avi Networks) is a self-service Multi-Cloud Application Services Platform. It provides software Multi-Cloud load balancers, web application firewall (WAF), rich analytics across on-premises data centers…

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